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9 Creative Ways Small Businesses Are Adapting to Coronavirus


U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE | March 18, 2020


With small businesses hit hard by coronavirus-related restrictions, shutdowns and customer unease, here are nine clever ways they are dealing with new business changes.


By Sean Ludwig, Contributor

With the novel coronavirus upending nearly every business vertical in the United States, small businesses are especially being hit hard. State and local governments have imposed restrictions, shut down establishments and understandably made it more difficult for customers to interact with many businesses in-person.

Small businesses, in turn, have moved quickly to make changes to survive and keep services relevant during this period of uncertainty. Companies are staying connected to customers in a variety of ways, including creating entirely new services, shifting how they deliver products, replacing in-person appointments with video conferences and more.

Here are nine creative ways small businesses have adapted to coronavirus concerns and challenges in their communities.


Familiar Creatures, a Richmond, Virginia-based advertising agency, has responded to local restrictions in their community by swiftly creating a clever website to guide locals to restaurants and breweries who are struggling. The site aggregates logos from many restaurants in Richmond and encourages people to buy gift cards from these businesses to help keep them afloat.

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