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April Fools' Day 2024—Brand Pranks from Ikea to Dunkin' to Duolingo


Brands are out in force once again with all kinds of absurdity to celebrate the holiday

AdAge | April 1, 2024



By Sabrina Sanchez


Ah, April 1—the day when corporate clowning is more acceptable and less cringe.

Crashing in with another day of chaotic jokes, this April Fools’ Day brands have come out of their buttoned-up hiding places to make consumers laugh at the absolutely absurd.

From gross culinary collabs to ridiculous product launches, see how brands are channeling fun and levity this year.


Crunch Fitness

There’s no better way to get in shape than scrolling on your phone. Trust me, it’s an incredible thumb workout. 

But sometimes our thumbs work too hard. So, Crunch Fitness launched an April Fools’ campaign urging you to give your thumbs a rest day and engage in a more relaxing exercise. The fitness company launched a seven-minute class video on its Crunch+ digital platform for “Thoga,” a yoga class for thumbs, providing tips on how to best stretch, flex and find zen for your digits and say goodbye to thumb strain. 

The concept came from agency Familiar Creatures and was executed in-house.


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