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Sous Casa

Sous Casa opens up shop in Richmond.


Getting a startup off the ground.


Sous Casa, a ready-to-eat frozen burrito company based in Richmond, came to us at the beginning of the pandemic looking to help get their business off the ground. 

Once called “RVA Burrito Love,” we helped Sous Casa create their brand: including naming, visual identity, tone of voice, and launching their website. Then we got to work making RVA aware.

Leveraging the business's unique story of providing healthy, nutritious, and affordable food cooked by a professional chef, we targeted reporters in the new business and food and beverage space—landing Sous Casa placement in every major Richmond publication.

The press push was so successful that Sous Casa had to bring in extra help to keep up with orders. And we've continued to help keep them top of mind, endearing them to the community through seasonal activations and charity drives. 


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