Familiar Creatures

Howdy we’re
Familiar Creatures

Advertising's first fractional AOR
(Agency of Record)



These days, it seems like CMOs
have two choices:


Go in-house to manage their budget. But compromise on quality.

Or stick with their AOR for their big idea ability. But stomach the big fees and year-long contracts.

We offer a new choice: the collaboration of in-house with the creative chops of an AOR.
For as long as you need us. Just call us your Fractional AOR.




Aaahhhh, that feels nice.

Using BrightSuite from Dominion Energy is super satisfying.

We tapped into the zeitgeist of the #oddlysatisfying phenomenon all over social media as inspiration to describe what it feels like to use BrightSuite every day. That feeling of uber-control, where everything in the universe is just as it should be. We brought this to life with calming videos shot by Ben Weinstein, ASMR-quality radio spots, plus a pleasing color palette and photography style in print and banners.

Challenger Brands.
Our Bread and Butter.

Brands who are outspent by their competition have two choices: play catch-up or outflank them with smarts and courage. We have direct experience equipping challenger brands with unbeatable strategy, kickass creative and big-time results.



We craft effective and fruitful strategy that is insight-led, stands the test of time and informs how your brand thinks and behaves.


Our expertise from working at A-level creative agencies helps us bring you breakthrough ideas that are sticky and solve your business problems.


We can design it all: including logo/identity, campaigns and robust brand guidelines for your internal teams.


Our relationships with elite production companies ensure your brand will look just as great as the leaders in your category.


We have the tools and know-how to deliver top-tier animation, video editing and photography when the job calls for it.