Familiar Creatures

"Mayo Mania"

Spreading Fanaticism All Over.


Is mayo worth fighting for?


If you tell a Duke’s fan that you’ve never heard of Duke’s, they’ll probably wonder what planet you’ve been living on. Because while mayo takes up shelf space for some, Duke’s takes up the soul and body (See Duke’s Tattoos) of its most devoted. And when you're that dedicated, the best way to tell someone that their mayo sucks is to put up your Duke's.



The stage was set.


Taking inspiration from pro wrestling and stop motion, we worked with House Special (of LAIKA fame) to bring the drama front and center. Our mayo and food characters were created by hand and captured frame by frame, with a stylistic nod to MTV’s 1990’s show “Celebrity Deathmatch.”



We created a full :60 along with cutdowns of the moves to promote on paid social. But that was just round 1.


Fans packed the stands.


We released the spot when all eyes would be on Duke’s, during the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, telling fans to join the fight at dukesmayomania.com. There, they could send the video and a free jar of Duke’s to friends, as well as get their embattled hands on all the sweet merch.



T.K.O. (T is for Twang)


Fans ate it up, securing victory for Duke’s as a feisty and formidable challenger brand. Today, we celebrate Duke’s as the champion of Mayo Mania. But the fight isn’t over.