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Duke's Mayo Brings it Home to RVA with New Partnership


VA Foodie | April 20, 2021



RICHMOND, VA, April 15, 2021 -- Duke's Mayonnaise has selected Familiar Creatures as its new agency of record, placing Duke's back in its hometown of Richmond, Va., strategically situating the brand in a mecca of culinary prowess, history, and mayo fandom. 

“Duke’s isn’t your traditional 100-year old brand. And Familiar Creatures isn’t your traditional creative agency,” said Rebecca Lupesco, Duke’s Manager of Mayohem.“We each consider ourselves challengers in our space, and, more importantly, we share a mutual trust and independent spirit (plus backyard) that will allow us to create inspiration for the people who use and love our products.”


For over 100 years, Duke's has been a beloved household name in the Southeast, where the brand is a staple of many restaurants. As Richmond continues to establish itself as a culinary destination, Familiar Creatures looks forward to helping expand relationships with local businesses here and in each of Duke's core markets, bringing fans together whether they are cooking in a commercial kitchen or at home.

Familiar Creatures and Duke's share a deep love for the culinary community. At this time last year, the agency launched a pro-bono campaign called Keep Calm and Nom Nom to help aid Richmond-restaurants at the onset of the pandemic. Likewise, Duke's helped raise funds for the Southern Smoke Foundation to aid restaurant workers amid massive layoffs. 

"We are beyond excited to work with Duke's," said Dustin Artz, Co-Founder of Familiar Creatures. "We have a lot of love for RVA and can’t wait to unleash fandom for the brand here and beyond.”

The agency's client roster currently consists of Devil's Backbone Brewing Company, CarLotz, Dominion Energy, Nectar Sunglasses, and more. Founded by industry veterans, Familiar Creatures specializes in brand strategy, advertising, design, social strategy, public relations, and production. The agency will work with Duke's to evolve its current campaign, "It's got Twang," building brand awareness and converting more followers to the brand.


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